both internally and externally
Welcome to my website. Here you find information on health, fitness and beauty related topics.
My name is Annukka Huotari. I've been involved in the wellness industry for past 13 years. During these years, I've gained experience on beauty care and also pre-preventive health care thru my own personal experience.

Our health is our most valuable and precious asset.

Today the food we eat contains less nutrients and vital substances than 15-20 yeras ago. Accoring to many scientific studies we are not getting all the vital nutrients we daily need from the food we eat daily. So we need safe nutritional supplementation to fulfill our nutritonal needs and to stay fit and healthy.  

Our skin reflects our living and eating habits. Our skin is the mirrow of our well-being because it clearly shows how well we are.

Beauty care has two aspects: internal and external aspect. Our living and eating habits show in our health and our outer appearence. 70% of beauty care is done internally, 30% externally. You will find some information on exclusive beauty care products on this website - both for internal and external beauty care. The link between these products is the unique Nutrition Transport Concept (NTC). This concept guarantees that the nutrients are transported to the place where they are needed - to our cells.


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