"Skin - the mirror of our well-being"

Our skin is the largest and most sensitive organ we have. 
Also, skin is the mirror of our well-being.
It's the border orgain of the body, involved in many metabolic functions.
Skin cell renewal cycle is every 28 days.

Our living and eating habits greatly affects our outer appearance. What we eat and how we lead our lives directly show in our outer appearance.

Beauty care has two aspects: internal and external aspect. 70% of beauty care is done internally, 
30% externally. 

At Vitallifestore you find information on patented products for internal beauty care. These products have unique Nutrition Transport Concept (NTC)
which means that nutrients are brought directly to the place where they are needed - our cells.

At Beautyshop you will find information on external skin care products. These products have also unique Nutrition Transport Concept (NTC). 
The concept takes nutrients to the deepest skin layers giving your skin the best possible treatment. 
Experience the visibly improved skin appearance.

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