We have billions of cells in our body and they behave the same way as a fireplace. When there is sufficiently oxygen, optimum supply of nutrients and vital substances, our body -our fireplace- produces energy and nice warmth. When our billions of cells have enough energy and they are healthy - then we are healthy, also!

Today the food we eat contains less nutrients and vital substances than for example 20 yeras ago. Accoring to many scientific studies we are not getting all the vital nutrients we daily need from the food we eat daily. So we need safe nutritional supplementation to fulfill our nutritonal needs and to stay fit and healthy.

At  VITALLIFESTORE you can find information on unique, patented, innovative, safe nutritional supplements. These products include a unique, effective nutrition transport concept (NTC). This concept ensures that the vital substances are transported from the intestines into the bloodstream and from there to the billions of cells in our body. All products are manufactured according to the good manufacturing practise (GMP) and all products are doping safe. These products are also excellent for internal beauty care.

Obesity is the biggest health problem of today. A successful weight management concept:
rinses the body internally, regulates the production of heat, regulates the appetite, balances sugar metabolism and activates fat metabolism.

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